Duct Coupling Press

Designed as a high production tool for installing aluminum threaded and barbed couplings, the Duc-Lok™ Hydraulic Coupling Press has evolved to set an industry standard for its functional simplicity and rugged dependability. Like other Cabletec® equipment, it is the product of practical, common sense engineering and field tested experience.

Machine installed couplings increase the overall integrity of every connection by insuring consistent, full depth, accurately centered joints inside every coupling. These compact, labor saving tools can easily pay for themselves over the course of installing 200 or 300 couplings.

In operation, the ends of the innerduct are simply locked into the pair of hinged clamps and forced into the coupling under power of the small hydraulic pump. Compression springs inside the frame automatically return the movable clamp to its unloaded position after use.

The frame of the tool is constructed of heavy gauge 2" tubing which protectively houses the hydraulic ram and other mechanical components. This design feature shortens the overall length of the tool while permitting the maximum amount of travel for the movable clamp. Clamp bodies are heavy steel castings -- not welded fabrications. Clamps have removable inserts to accommodate innerduct of any size from 1" to 2". The wide base provides a stable platform during the operation as well as a convenient carrying handle.

All components in the Cabletec® DK200H Hydraulic Couplings Press can be ordered as repair items.



Pump & Ram Capacity:

5 Tons



Range of duct sizes:

1" to 2"



Material & Finish:

Powder Coated Steel

Tool Weight:

30 lbs.

Pump Weight:

17 lbs.