HDPE Fusion Equipment


The FRIAMAT® II is the industry's leading electrofusion processor. With a simple scan the FRIAMAT® II instantly reads every type of fitting.The precision continues throughout the fusion process. All details of the fusion are recorded, including the operator, temperatures and duration. It stores all fusion information and the data can be easily transferred to a computer.You can even input the GPS location of the joint into the electrofusion processor.

Input Voltage Range AC 95 V - 135 V
Frequency Range 45 Hz. . . 66 Hz
Current Consumption AC 30 A max
Power 3.5 kW
Generator rated output,
1/2" CTS - 2" IPS,
3" IPS - 28" IPS
AC 2.0 kW, AC 4.0 kW
Equipment Fuse 30 A slow acting
Casing Enclosure class IP54 DIN 40 050,
Protection class II DIN 57 700
Power Cable 16' with 30 AMP twist lock plug
Fusion Cable 13' with 4mm fittings plug
Bar Code Made to ANSI HM 10.8M-1983,
ISO CD 13950/08.94
Working Temperature Range –4ºF. . .+ 122ºF*
Fusion Current Monitoring Short circuit 110 A,
Open circuit 0.25 x IN
Printer Interface Parallel
(D-Sub 25)
Fusion Voltage Max AC 48 V
W x D x H
141/2" x 11" x 19"
Weight 47 lbs
Weight w Transport Box 57 lbs


Fuses HDPE 1" thru 4"

  • BS-4 Butt Fusion Machine (4")
  • BS-125MM Butt Fusion Machine
  • Manual or Electric Trimmers
  • Heating Tools
  • Fusion Plates
  • Liner Kits